Course Information

The Utrecht TMS course is intended for clinicians and researchers who want to use Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in their practices or laboratories. The first day of the course is dedicated to clinical use of TMS. On the second day is dedicated to research users and insights from TMS research. Of course, this division is never black and white: clinical users are often interested in the emerging applications and researchers in the clinical use of TMS. We, therefore, encourage visitors to particate in both days. In the morning there will be theoretical lectures and in the afternoon we have planned practical workshops with fully equiped TMS, EMG and Neuronavigation setups (see below).

Guest Speakers

Bas Neggers, PhD
Brain Science Tools

Prof. Dr. Indira Tendolkar
UMC St. Radboud Nijmegen

Bram Wernsen, MSc
rTMS International

Bas Neggers was trained as a biophysicist at the University of Nijmegen and obtained his PhD degree at the Max-Planck-Institute in Munich in 2000. He founded Brain Science Tools in 2011 in order to pursue valorization of techniques developed at the UMC Utrecht to help patients benefit from innovative approaches. Professor Indira Tendolkar has a broad clinical experience in general and geriatric psychiatry. Her research focuses on biological treatment methods such as pharmacotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, and transcranial magnetic stimulation of affective disorders. Professor Tendolkar's main interest is the causal relationship between affective disorders and the dysfuntion of the declarative memory system. Bram Wernsen finished his Master's degree in psychology at the University of Utrecht in 2009. After noticing that rTMS resulted in quick improvements for his patients he decided to specialize in rTMS treatment. He opened his first rTMS clinic in 2014 and currently Bram owns three rTMS clinics in The Netherlands.

Theoretical Lectures

In the morning of the first day several well-known speakers will be lecturing about TMS protocols, equipment, safety, MRI guided neuronavigation and sevaral other topics of interest to the clinical user. In the morning of the second day topics related to combining TMS with neuroimaging methods, novel protocols, combinations of TMS and electromyography (EMG), stroke research and TMS and several other topics will be covered. In addition, we have planned sufficient time for questions between the lectures so there will be ample opportunity for discussion between the participants and the lecturers.

Practical Session

In the afternoon several practical workshops are organized using TMS, Neuronavigation and EMG equipment, where you will be able to practice with the equipment yourself, supervised by experienced users.

City Tour

In addition, we offer a tour of the famous canals in the medieval downtown of Utrecht, the Dom Cathedral and a few more landmarks plus a boat trip around the city's unique canal system. During online registration, please indicate whether you are interestied in booking the optional city tour. The fee for the tour is 200€ (VAT included) per person and includes dinner and transport. The city tour is available to accompanying partners beside course participants.

Preparation and Registration

To prepare for the course, you can consider the advise and reading presented here. In general, you are not obliged to have prior experience with TMS, EMG or MRI guidance, but a general background in neurophysiology, neuroanatomy and/or general clinical knowledge is assumed.

Registration for the course is open and can be done directly on this website, from the Registration menu that appears on top.

Course fees

 Item   Price *  
 Full Course (Day 1&2) incl dinner    € 605,-
 City Tour (Optional)  € 200,-

*all prices include 21% VAT.


This course is organized by Brain Science Tools BV, a UMC Utrecht company active in MRI guided TMS equipment, in collaboration with Neurosoft, a leading manufacturer of TMS and EMG equipment.

For additional information on the TMS course please contact