Course and City Tour


The Utrecht TMS course is intended for clinicians and researchers who want to use navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) or transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in their practices or laboratories. The first day of the course is dedicated to clinical use of TMS. The morning of day 2 is dedicated to research users and insights from TMS research. In the afternoon of day 2, we will focus on applications of tDCS. Of course, this division is never black and white: clinical users are often interested in the emerging applications and researchers in the clinical use of TMS. We, therefore, encourage visitors to particate in both days. In the morning there will be theoretical lectures and in the afternoon we have planned practical workshops with fully equiped TMS, EMG and Neuronavigation setups (see below).

City Tour

We offer a tour of the famous canals in the medieval downtown of Utrecht, the Dom Cathedral and a few more landmarks plus a boat trip around the city's unique canal system. Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, situated in the very heart of the country. It is a very old and vibrant city with rich history and culture dating back 2000 years to Roman times, but also it takes pride in the picturesque nature of its surroundings. In the vicinity of the city multiple canals, mansions and castles (i.e. Kasteel de Haar) are to be seen. Some of the most popular landmarks are the Dom Tower, the highest building of the Utrecht skyline, and the meandering Oudegracht (the 'old canal') in the city center, which is a part of an ancient branch of the river Rhine, and is preserved almost intact since ancient times. 

During online registration, please indicate whether you are interested in booking the optional city tour. The fee for the tour is 200€ (VAT included) per person and includes dinner and transport. The city tour is available to accompanying partners beside course participants.