Course Venue


The course will take place near Utrecht, the Netherlands, on the property of Landgoed Oostbroek.

The exact address is Bunnikseweg 39, De Bilt. For directions by car or public transport, see further below.

This lovely building below is where the course takes place, in the Jansenzaal.


Getting here and around

By Train to Utrecht

From Schiphol airport trains to Utrecht Central station depart about every 15 minutes. From many other cities you can also easily reach Utrecht by train directly via an 'Intercity' (which is in general quicker than a 'stoptrein' or 'sprinter'). Buy a ticket to Utrecht at the ticket machines or at the information/ticket desk. For more information about travelling by train, check

By Bus

For travelling by bus you will need to by an 'OV-chipcard' or you can buy (more expensive) single tickets on the bus. From Utrecht Central station you can take the GVU bus 12 to the Uithof/UMC, which departs every 5-15 minutes. Get off at the WKZ (Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis) busstop. Landgoed Oostbroek is an eight-minute walk from there.  From the bus stop, walk 50m back into the direction you came from, then left towards the forest (watch out, there is construction going on here). At the end of this roead near the edge of the forest, turn left (following signs saying "Landgoed Oostbroek") and you will find the gate of Landgoed Oostbroek at your right hand side. The estate is at the end of the lane.

Check the following website to plan your trip

By Bike

You can also rent a public transport bike (OV-fiets) to get from Utrecht central station to the Uithof (about 25 minutes, € 3.85 per journey (up to 24 hours)).
Check the OV-bike website for more information.

By Car

See the map on the right for guidance, your route is indicated in red. From every direction (A28 north/south) follow the directions/signs to UMC Utrecht, and take exit #2. Immediately after the exit, turn left, heading to WKZ (following the signs). At the WKZ, you reach a junction where you turn left towards "Landgoed Oostbroek". There are small signs at the side of road. Cross the tram rails at the traffic lights, turn the 2nd lane left towards the forest (watch out, there is construction going on here). Near the edge of the forest, turn left (following signs saying "Landgoed Oostbroek") and you will find the gate of Landgoed Oostbroek at your right hand side. The estate is at the end of the lane, park on your right hand side just before the large building (parking is free for our guests).


Hotel Mitland (located in a park close to a bus stop, canal view)

NH hotel (In the city center)

Please note: there will be a free shuttle in the morning from hotel NH centre (8:00) and from hotel Mitland (8:20) going directly to our course venue, leaving in front of the lobby!

About Utrecht

Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, situated in the very heart of the country. It is a very old and vibrant city with rich history and culture dating back 2000 years to Roman times, but also it takes pride in the picturesque nature of its surroundings. In the vicinity of the city multiple canals, mansions and castles (i.e. Kasteel de Haar) are to be seen. Some of the most popular landmarks are the Dom Tower, the highest building of the Utrecht skyline, and the meandering Oudegracht (the 'old canal') in the city center, which is a part of an ancient branch of the river Rhine, and is preserved almost intact since ancient times. The city of Utrecht is the home of one of the oldest (almost 400 years) and the largest university in the Netherlands - Utrecht University. With its location, historical importance and landmarks Utrecht becomes a favorite spot for both local and foreign visitors.

When booking our course, you can also book an optional city tour which is scheduled after the last lecture on day 2. See the program for more information. This tour of the old downtown will include dinner, and is expected to be a nice social event with other course participants.