Experiences 2018

Last year I served as a keynote speaker at the Brain Science Tools TMS course in Utrecht. I enjoyed speaking for a group of people of versatile backgrounds, as both clinicians as well as researchers were present at the course. In my experience this always results in a wide array of discussed subjects and to meetings in which a full overview of topics related to TMS is exhibited. The organization of the course was excellent with the pleasant course location, great lunch, clear communication, and the friendliness of the organizing team standing out in particular. I would certainly recommend the Brain Science tools TMS course to anyone with interest in TMS as the course is accessible for people with all levels of experience with TMS. 






 As clinical scientists working in early phase drug development at the Centre for Human Drug Research we are very interested in biomarkers to measure pharmacodynamic effects. TMS-EMG and TMS-EEGis one such promising biomarker and this course was very interesting for us as we had just implemented a TMS set-up at our unit. The course highlighted practical, as well as theoretical information (including TMS-EEG analysis) which was very helpful to us. One focus of the course was also the application of neuronavigation in TMS research, which is a very interesting advancement of TMS. The trainers of the course were very approachable and there was sufficient individual attention. We would therefore recommend this course to scientists at different levels of TMS knowledge, and in particular those that are embarking on TMS research.







As an experienced rTMS therapist, I have already attended many courses related to rTMS. The Brain Science Tools course distinguished itself in many ways from other courses. The speakers from all over the world each had their own experiences and perspectives on rTMS and the practical workshops made the course interesting and educational. It was very fascinating to me to learn more about neuronavigation; a feature of rTMs that I was not very familiar with before the course. Adding neuronavigation to my own rTMS treatment could be a great addition for treating my clients, as it is ensuring for both me and my clients that guidance of the TMS coil to the right brain area is precizely done, which increases the chance of a positive treatment outcome. I'm already looking forward to the TMS course of next year.